nou Radar



nou Systems developed a powerful radar simulation tool, nouRadar, to quickly assess the capability of new radars for the Advanced Technology Directorate of the Missile Defense Agency. This allowed our customer to obtain needed insight into the capabilities and limitations of newly proposed radars in terms of how they could contribute to the overall missile defense mission. The analysis provided by our staff offered the customer much greater speed and insight than the customer’s previous solution. We have also developed novel radar algorithms for several customers within the Missile Defense Agency (including two Phase 2 SBIRs). These algorithms are being pursued for integration into the missile defense system.



Our demonstrated understanding of complex multi-function radar systems can be applied to many additional customers and industries. The modeling tools we have developed can be employed to quickly simulate radar performance in terms of search, track, and discrimination. We have expertise modeling phased array antennas, interferometers, ground moving target indicator radars, and Synthetic Aperture radars. Our team is ready to solve challenging radar problems for any application, including defense, homeland security, aviation, weather, space tracking, and commercial.