Facing new challenges. 

Cybersecurity: Building Resiliency in the Information Age

Cybersecurity compliance is absolutely necessary, but it is not sufficient.  That’s why nou Systems’ analysts and cyber engineers focus on increasing resiliency – the ability to continue to complete missions and functions, even in the face of attack.    

We understand compliance, but also have a deep understanding of the threat, and expertise in the intelligence collection process that supports our analysis and decisions.

nou Systems has developed and formed a team with expertise across the cybersecurity spectrum.  We are supporting customers with Risk Management Framework (RMF) implementation, conducting vulnerability and risk assessment testing across the product development lifecycle, and conducting government and commercial sector cyber threat hunting operations.  

Cyber Strategic Planning/Risk Understanding

We have expertise and experience in developing cybersecurity strategic plans and supporting agencies in understanding their true level of risk with respect to the security of networks and systems. nou Systems personnel help customers understand the threat, quantify the risk, and teach/train customers to develop internal expertise.

Cybersecurity Engineering

Our cybersecurity engineering team supports a variety of customers with total lifecycle support – testing currently fielded systems-of-systems, systems, and components for vulnerabilities, while conducting detailed threat and design analyses to make the next version more resilient. 

Cyber Assistance

nou Systems’ Cyber Assistance Team conducts real-world, real-time review and assessment of government and commercial networks to determine the extent of threat penetration, data exfiltration, or compromise.  We do it with absolute anonymity and non-attribution – findings are briefed only to those with a need to know.  This allows the customer time to take corrective action, receive training, and establish new procedures to increase their security posture without public scrutiny. 


nou Systems assisted SMDC/ARSRAT in the development of a Cyber Strategic Plan, design of processes to identify and prioritize Cyber-Key Terrain (CKT), and the establishment of a Cybersecurity Integration Cell with analytical, assessment, and tool development support in order to increase cyber situational awareness and reporting accuracy across the entire command.

nou Systems supports the Missile Defense Agency with cybersecurity engineering expertise and has established new tools and processes to better quantify the threat and risk to system performance.  These include the development of a structured vulnerability assessment process that provides decision-makers with information on how a component shortcoming affects the system-of-system, a formal cyber risk determination tool, and a recently-implemented threat intelligence process.    


Our Capaiblity 

nou Systems works to secure systems for mission critical elements.  

nou Systems works to secure systems for mission critical elements.  

nou Systems is committed to continually searching for additional areas in which we can add value to our customers in the areas of cybersecurity awareness, intrusion detection, and systems design to increase resiliency.