systems engineering, analysis & Assessment

Systems Engineering, Analysis & Assessment

nou Systems provides system analysis, technology integration, and technology implementation support to our customers and their products transitioning from development to production. Our subject matter experts offer in-depth knowledge of technologies, tools, and processes necessary to achieve feasible solutions that meet performance, cost, and schedule objectives. 

Analysis & Assessment

  • Extensive analysis of Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) flight tests, ground tests and digital simulation data supporting capability assessment

  • Comprehensive technical system assessments to support user, developer, and national decisionmakers for fielding decisions of new critical BMDS Capability

  • Weapon system performance analysis and sensitivity studies

Efficient analysis toolset design and implementation

  • Custom MATLAB-based data reduction and analysis tool kit allows for efficient processing of data from all BMDS components and elements as well as interoperability data

  • Detailed radar data analysis experience and capability (i.e., pulse-level processing of per-range-bin complex data)

  • Extensive C2BMC, GMD Fire Control and THAAD Fire Control analysis capability

Radar Cross Section Modeling and Signature Analysis

  • Missile threat analysis to ensure flight and ground test threats are consistent with Defense Intelligence Agency threat assessments

Verification, Validation, and Accreditation of System/Component Models and Simulations

  • Development of performance parameters for direct comparison of flight test data with post-flight reconstructions

  • Simulation accreditation analysis for use in operational assessments

Engineering Design Reviews, Failure Review, Independent Review Team Support

  • Engineering/feasibility study support

  • Flight test failure reviews

  • Independent review of new capability


Featured Project


nouSystems created aSSIST to provide a dashboard for visualization of Missile Defense Agency ground test big data.