Hardware/software development & prototyping

Hardware/Software Development & Prototyping: The Future Delivered 

Hardware Development

nou Systems has exceptional credentials and extensive experience in developing sophisticated real-time related hardware such as passive and active radar components, data acquisition systems, real-time signal and data processing chains, test equipment for sensors and telemetry, and system monitoring and housekeeping systems.  This experience includes analog and digital electronic design and prototyping, printed circuit board design, and component development and testing.

nou Systems is particularly adept at developing hardware that enables rapid system research, development, and prototyping, using existing and custom-developed components.  These development efforts also greatly benefit from the company's very strong software expertise.  This optimum mixture of hardware and software expertise allows coordinated rapid system development.

Software Development

nou Systems has a deep level of expertise and experience in software developed across the board.  This includes software in support of modeling and simulation, data collection from sensors, signal and data processing using modern compute-intensive techniques, sensor operation and control, data processing and data analysis and result synthesis.

nou Systems provides tailored solutions for complex software requirements using an agile development approach, state of the art programming languages, and best-of-breed development tools.  For example, we have developed advanced signal processing to exploit Graphics Processing Unit-based computer engines, and use state of the art languages such as Python, Java, and C++.

Rapid Prototyping

nou Systems applies innovative, full-spectrum development expertise to quickly transform ideas into prototypes, test proof of concept and design veracity, and harden prototypes into deployable systems.

Some examples of our rapid prototyping efforts include; radar processing and control deployment, autonomous optical data acquisition systems development, sensor analysis tool-chains, machine learning related systems for data analysis and result synthesis, and real-time sensor data processing.



Featured Project

PI-IF Image.png

nou Systems is currently developing a modernized telemetry control and data processing center for the Reagan Test Site at Kwajalein Atoll. To support a continuous test-driven development process, a portable telemetry test unit was designed and hardware and software built in three months using rapid prototyping techniques and approaches. This test unit can send the objective telemetry radio frequency waveforms, which drive testing of downstream receivers, recorders, and data processing. The heart of the test unit is a commercial telemetry low-power transmitter which is controlled by a lightweight miniature Linux computer. This computer connects to the transmitter using a nou Systems-designed printed circuit board interface and off-the-shelf microcontroller processor. A variety of data may be pushed through the transmitter for different testing scenarios: binary patterns, pre-recorded data, and live structured sensor data (including digital imagery and position/orientation sensors) are supported. The unit uses a commodity power supply which supports field operations through a connected battery pack. This example of the use of rapid prototyping techniques and processes showcases nou System’s belief that building high-quality systems can be done quickly, with less risk, and at a low cost to the customer by integrating commercially available components, parts, and services with a talented engineering staff.