Test & Evaluation

Test & Evaluation 

At nou Systems, we look at testing through the lens of evaluation.  The thread that connects test planning, execution, and analysis leads to evaluations and assessments that drive decisions. In the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS), those decisions are big ones.

If you are a warfighter from NORTHCOM, PACOM, CENTCOM, or EUCOM, or a Commander of a National Test Range, you may have met our subject matter experts and experienced operators.  Or maybe you just saw the backs of their heads while they were pouring over statistics or translating instrumentation data.  If you conducted operational assessments or evaluations of BMDS, you most certainly have seen our products.  If you witnessed congressional testimony on the state and future of missile defense, you heard the confidence our senior leaders display in their belief in the results of flight and ground tests, both operational and developmental.  They are confident in their decisions because we are confident in our proven techniques of data analysis and synthesis to provide insight.

nou Systems has directly contributed to the planning, execution, and analysis of over ten BMDS flight tests, and entire ground test campaigns.  We have experience in testing Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), AN/TPY-2, SBX, Cobra Dane, Ground-based Missile Defense (GMD), Ground-Based Interceptor (GBI), Aegis BMD, Standard Missile, Patriot, and the Command and Control, Battle Management and Communications (C2BMC) System in integrated developmental and operational scenarios.  Our people have collected data in Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, and across the Pacific.  We maintain offices near Fort Bliss, TX, Colorado Springs, CO, and the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Hawaii to support ongoing ground and flight tests.

Our fundamental approach of leveraging a deep technical understanding combined with operational expertise can be applied to any DoD mission where multiple integrated systems need to be tested together.  It is critical that the Warfighter knows where the performance boundaries are, and what drives them, to be able to develop Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures to meet the entire mission space.  nou Systems provides a dynamic team that can characterize the conditions under which the system is operationally effective and identify capabilities and limitations of the system, explaining how those impact the mission.

Terabytes of data have passed through our hands, and through our tools, converting instrumentation and range data, parsing observer reports, and compiling system performance data into a cohesive analytical story.  Our team continually integrates analyses from across events to develop operational assessments and inform future system development.


Featured Project

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nou Systems has extensive experience supporting the planning, execution, and analysis of multiple flight test to include:  

FTO-02 E1
FTO-02 E2