Visit nou Systems at the 2018 SMD Symposium

nouDefense is a Defense Plan Simulator developed by nou Systems, Inc. using the Unity game engine.

Please join us at the SMD Symposium, August 7-9, 2018, at the Von Braun Center, Booth #801 in Huntsville, AL. We have exciting tech demos planned demonstrating our latest advancements.

Booth Demos Include:

DEMO STATION: nouDefense — Defense Plan Simulator
nou Systems creates a Defense Plan Simulator using an architectural level missile defense model and a User Interface developed within the Unity game engine. The user can visually create and configure a defense architecture, test its performance against missile attacks, and review how well his or her defense performed. Check out the trailer video!

DEMO STATION: Radar & Range Modernization
nou Systems modernizes range instrumentation systems including radars, telemetry, optics, communication, and range control.

DEMO STATION: Gesture Recognition Using Passive WiFi Signals: 
nou Systems applies advanced modern signal processing techniques, including Software Radio, to demonstrate the application of ambient WiFi signals to human scale gesture recognition. Using this approach we are able to identify and differentiate common gestures and motions of a human subject.

These types of techniques can be used to provide human presence detection, fine-grained indoor positioning, and related detailed motion detection. nou Systems scientists and engineers are highly skilled and experienced at conceiving and providing innovative high-tech proof-of-concept solutions for novel application spaces, in short time frames. Expertise includes signal processing, physics, algorithms, machine learning, rapid prototyping, and high-performance computing.




Stephanie Jordan